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Wise & Foolish Servants

Matthew 24:45

Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season?

As the wise servant makes a total surrender to the Lord he demonstrates complete loyalty and dedication in all humility and love. Wise servants eagerly and wisely seek to please the Lord serving Him with their whole heart, soul, and mind. In his faithfulness, he watches over the flock of the Lord and ensure all things are done according to the perfect will of God. He spiritually feeds the flock of his Lord according to the capacity and circumstances of each recipient. In return, the wise servant acquires the favor of the Lord upon his life. He lives with great expectation of the Lord’s return. He is not surprise by the return of the Lord because his life characterizes obedience, commitment, and full assurance that he has done the perfect will of God. Totally and completely sold out to the service of the Lord is the perfect will of the Lord. “The Lord will not withhold any good thing from the servant who He has pronounced blessed” (Psalm 84:11). This servant has proven himself to be a trustworthy and holy vessel. His mindset is opposed to that of a servant who is not wise. The unwise servant is the same as a foolish servant.

The foolish servant does not maintain the temper of mind that we would be willing that the Lord would find us in. To him, the thought of Jesus’ return is insignificant and immaterial. He encompasses a mind of unbelief and enjoy life with unbelievers and the ungodly, forsaking the people of God.  He does not find it problematic to mistreat and abuse God’s flock. Neither does the foolish servant find it difficult to abuse the position and spiritual knowledge he has been blessed to receive. The foolish servants who neglect the accountability to feed the flock of the Lord, will be found unworthy when the Lord returns. For the abandonment of spiritual obligations and abusive behavior toward the Lords people, the foolish servant will be severely punished receiving harsh judgement and eternal damnation.  Blessed are those who are waiting, watching, and looking for His return.

A wise person will trust and deeply consider the principal things of God, but a foolish person denies the perception and ethical truth concerning His will.


Let us pray: Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you strengthen me in thy will to always be the wise servant that you desire of me. I thank you for keeping me from the will of the enemy so that I will not fall into the slot of the foolish. I thank you for giving me the mind of the wise, to honor and to serve you with all truth and sincerity.  Amen.