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When God Speaks

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me (St. John 10:27)

The world is a testimony that the True and Living God lives, and His Presence speaks loudly in all the earth. For those who consider Him to be a quiet God, just what does quiet mean? Webster describes quiet as being inaudible, silent, or soundless. Could this mean that God cannot speak or that He does not even exist? It does not mean either. Creation speaks for God. He lived before He performed His incredible handiwork in creation. It is written that He is omnipotent, having unlimited power: He is the only one who is capable of positioning the world in place and, to this day, has it remain the same. He is omniscient. He knows everything. There is not one occurrence in the world that God does not give thought to.

He is omnipresent. He is not restricted to time or space, and no one can escape His Presence. With this unquestionable identity, it is evident that whether audible or inaudible, He is speaking even when He is not saying a word.

God speaks loudly and clearly through His manual, the Bible. It remains currently active and conveys everything we need to know about Him and so much more. It emphasizes that people are capable of making mistakes because they do not know what the Word of God discloses. God is speaking from Genesis to Revelations. The answer to every problem exists within these chapters.

God is not a man, but He does speak to His created beings in many distinctive ways, even in His silence. You can believe the report! When He has something to say, He will say it. What he says will be to the point and of utmost importance. It could be a word, a few words, or a complete sentence. God sometimes speaks to the heart or the mind as well as through circumstances. Occasionally, He speaks through ordinary people. And He can most certainly let ministerial leaders speak right into our present situations.

There are times when God speaks to His people by prophets. Even now, God speaks to individuals in dreams, as He spoke to King Solomon of the Bible. A certain young lady shared an unusual experience with me that she had with God. Someone burglarized her home and stole some of her possessions. One night, she went to bed, and God began to visit her. In a dream, He showed her exactly where her merchandise was. She went to the intruder’s house and asked if she could inspect the garage. When she was granted permission, she saw her goods and was able to confiscate the stolen things. This occurrence is concrete evidence that God not only speaks; He sees everything as well.

When we retire for the night or awaken in the morning to go about our daily activities, God is speaking. He might not audibly speak to us, but it is God who allows us to sleep and wake up. It is in Him that we live, move, and have our being (Acts 17:28). Our daily tasks should always include listening and talking to God. It is not for us to inform or petition Him for everything, but for Him to speak to us and reveal His expectations. He said, “My sheep know my voice” (St. John 10:27). God speaks to us at His will. He can speak in a small still voice or as loud as thunder. He continually expresses Himself through signs and wonders in the Heavens and the earth. Keep in mind, He is not a man, but He is God. He is speaking to the whole world night and day, and out loud.

Prayer is Key: Dear Lord, I know you have many ways to speak to Your people. Make me capable and give me a clear understanding to know when you are speaking to me. Bless me always to lend a listening ear when You have something to say. Let me never turn a deaf ear to the things I need to hear and know, in Jesus name I pray, Amen.