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Today’s Christian

As I ponder all of the things that make being a Christian what it is
I sometimes shutter over the fact that much hasn’t changed since the
days of John the Baptist. A lot of people are more religious than
saved, and, yet, they don’t really know that there is a difference.
For instance, if you’re born into a Christian family, then some things
are automatic for you.

Your family gets up and go to church every Sunday. Your mom or dad, or
both, are volunteers, in one form or another; usher, choir member, deacon,
or works in some other auxiliary. You’re at church during the week for
mid-week service, and then for some meeting. You grow up dealing with
church rhetoric and traditions. You learn all of the lingo, and you
participate in all of the youth activities, then the teen activities,
and, finally, you’re an adult, who’s been going to church your whole
life, and not at one time did you think about, actually, getting saved.
Why should you? You’ve been in church your whole life. You’re a good

That’s the quagmire of the church world, though. You or your parent got
saved, but you raise your kids to be good…instead of being saved. So,
as the Bible says in Judges 2:10 “…and there arose another generation
after them, which knew not the Lord…” Oh, they’re Israelites (church
people), but they do not know Jesus Christ in the pardoning of their
sins. Worst yet, they can’t be told that they need to be saved because
they believe that church affiliation assures them safe passage into
heaven. Hence, many modern day Christians are also modern day Pharisees.

Now, I’m not talking about you, or your kids, or anybody you know; unless
I’m talking about you, or your kids, or somebody you know. Today’s
Christian is fought on every hand to be less like Christ, and more like
the world, and very easily so, when you think God is your friend, or a
sugar-daddy, or Santa Claus. God isn’t your friend, or sugar-daddy, or
Santa Claus.

God is the most powerful being in the universe. He is the All-mighty,
and ever-lasting father. He is not a king like kings on earth for his
kingdom is forever and ever. I do not God justice by trying to express
his awesomeness. But I can say this. God is not to be treated as one
of your rich cousins that you see at the family reunion. You, clearly,
do not know God, or his Son, Jesus Christ.

That’s What makes Christianity so interesting to look at today.
Christians are fought on every side by every religion because the devil
does not want a man or woman to come into the realization that they need
Jesus Christ. The devil knows that if you understood the love of God, and
the power of his might that you would escape the coming destruction for
the disobedient and the rebellious. That’s why the devil doesn’t care if
you go to church; just as long as you don’t get saved. So, what is happening?

Christians are spending their time, at work and at home, on social media
sites. People declaring themselves to be Christians are more willing
to talk to people online out of state than to their neighbor or to their
brother that goes to their same church. Christians taking pictures of
themselves (in their bathroom) and posting it. Telling everybody their
business online, and becoming lazy in their work ethics.

More husbands being caught up in pornography, and other sexual mishaps
instead of “loving their wives even as Christ loves the church, and gave
himself for it.” Wives not respecting their husbands. Kids disobeying
their parents, and almost assuring the fact that they will not have a
long life on this earth. Parents neglecting their kids, and kids
looking for love online because they’re parents don’t have time for them.
All of this happening, while more churches are springing up everyday,
or announcing how they’re growing by leaps and bounds.

How can their be so many churches, just in America, and yet crime,
especially murder, is up. If the preacher is preaching Jesus Christ
then how can all of these church members be walking around, and cities
are getting worst. Work place environments are getting worst. Schools
are getting worst. And, worst yet, churches on the same street can’t
get along.

Today’s Christian is an interesting being, but the commitment to God is
no less important today as it was in Adam’s day, Noah’s day, Abraham’s
day, David’s day, Jesus’ day, or Paul’s day. God isn’t looking for
another Paul. God is looking for an original You to do what needs to be
done in this day and hour. It’s not someone else’s role to be the
Christian. 2Tim. 2:19 “…And, let every one that nameth the name of
Christ depart from iniquity.”

There are many souls to be saved. There are many people that need to
be turned from the path of destruction unto righteousness. Everybody
don’t want to go to hell. There are some people that just don’t
know the truth. Child of God, you have to be that light. You have to
be that example. You have to make that difference. First, in the family,
then in the neighborhood, then in the city, then in the state. For truly,
the harvest is great, but the labourers are few.

Today is the day. What are you going to do…Christian?