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FGHT Devotion

The Piercing Eyes of Jesus

Are you ready to meet Him?

The One who died for you.

The One who knows everything,

Who with Piercing Eyes that see straight through?

What will you say?  What can you do?

Can you stand the fire in His eyes?

He’s the One who knows your secrets.

He knows all you try to hide.

There will be nothing you can get past Him.

Though you may try to make an excuse.

But your life will testify to Him

All your ugly truth.

It will say, “Yes, I knew the way”.

And “Yes, I knew His Word.”

There will be no doubt, no question

You heard what all other generations heard.

All creation told you about Jesus.

They made you aware of Christ.

You knew to obey and love Him

With all your heart, soul, and might.

But you let the world deceive you.

You fell for its cunning tricks.

You wanted more of what it offered

Than the One who created it.

Creation told you escaping Him was impossible

But you stood on the word of a man.

You never read the Bible for yourself.
You never accepted God’s plan for man.

You will meet Him one day, that’s for sure

Have you thought of that?
You’ll face those eyes; you’ll see His face.

Have you thought of that fact?

Did you also fall for Satan’s cunning lie

That it’s then that you can pour out your soul?

And explain to Him all the things

You were never taught or told.

What will He say to you?

Has that crossed your mind?
Do you think there is where you will repent

Where great and convincing excuses you will find?

No friend, when judgment begins on that morning.
You won’t be able to cry out, or to plea.

There’s a great chance that all you’ll hear is

Sinner, “depart from me.”

Dear hearts, loved ones, the time is now.

To repent and bare your soul.

To ask God for His forgiveness

And have Him write your name on Heaven’s Roll.