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FGHT Devotional

The Perfectionist

Small children amaze me. They are so honest and possess a profound kind of wisdom. While interacting with children, you can learn many, valuable lessons. Who would have ever imagined a child could have such knowledge? Well, you might find it surprising, but children can teach you spiritual lessons as well.

I had the privilege of babysitting a little girl once. During the time I was watching her, she sat at a table coloring. She remained at this table for so long that I thought she would never finish because she kept erasing and re-doing, and erasing and re-doing; making small changes here and there. After what seemed like an hour of meticulous changes, I finally heard her whisper under her breath, “Perfect!” She had finally finished her little masterpiece. As I watched her, staring proudly at her accomplishment, I could not help but consider God – our Master. Are we not His Masterpieces?

I wonder if He feels the same way the little girl felt when He is working on us; as He meticulously makes small changes to our situations here and there- repairing, re-arranging, redirecting. While He is working, it may seem like it is taking forever, but then He finally sees the Masterpiece He has been waiting to see all along.

• Contentment instead of impatience.
• A soft answer instead of a harsh tongue.
• Faith and prayer instead of worry and fear.
• Love instead of hate.

I wonder if God whispers “Perfect,” as He stands back and proudly admires His masterpieces. Psalms 138:8 says that “God will perfect that which concerneth me…”. That means no matter how long it takes, He will keep working until we are “Perfect!” Philippians 1:6 says “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” We just need to let Him complete the work.

So, what is God working on in your life? What do you need Him to “perfect”? What are you waiting for Him to finish?  Whatever it is, just give it time, be patient, be still, for the Master is at work making the necessary changes to you and your situation. Sometimes, God has to perfect us before He can perfect our situations; then, when He is satisfied with what He sees, He will finally whisper just as the little girl,  “Perfect!”

Lord, help me to have the faith to know that even when I do not see it, you are working. Help me to be humble enough to realize and accept the fact that You may have to work on ME first before you are able to work on my situations. Help me to bow down to Your Will and to be confident in the fact that You will not forsake the works of your hand. Help me to trust that in due time, everything concerning me will be made perfect, and I will become a masterpiece. In Jesus’ name. Amen