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FGHT Devotional

Spending Eternity with God

John 3:16; John 10:27-28; Romans 6:23

Spending eternity with God should be everyone’s ultimate desire. For me, there will be nothing greater than entering Heaven.  It will be the most indescribable and inexpressible occurrence ever to take place. Eternity is defined as lasting or existing forever, without end, having infinite duration. Just as a circle has no end, so is eternity. It is without end, continuing forever.

When a person is conceived in the womb life begins, both physically and spiritually. Physically, man’s life consists of a number of years (Psalm 90:10), but spiritually life has no end. It continues throughout eternity, either with God or apart from God. He does not wish any of us to perish, but rather to spend eternity with Him. God is such an amazing God; He leaves the choice of where we will spend eternity to us. We choose whether we will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell.  If our choice is Heaven, God will help us to get there. God is our eternal Father, the one who has always been and who will always be. If we believe on His dear Son, we can live with Him forever.  It will be worth everything to make it into God’s Holy Kingdom.

While here on earth the righteous suffer many adverse things at the hands of the unrighteous. But we need not be discouraged because the day is coming that God is going to separate the righteous from the unrighteous.  The righteous will go to Heaven where everything will be new. Former things will be passed away. Troubles and worries will be no more. Heaven will greet everyone who has made himself ready to be heirs thereof. Heaven will be beautified with the total perfection of holiness, righteousness, and happiness; a flawless place to dwell forever. Former sorrows will be forgotten and there will be no future sorrows to anticipate.  God Himself will shower us with His immaculate Presence and drape us with His everlasting love. We will be able to look upon His face and bow down and worship Him. HALLELUJAH! He will welcome us home! The righteous will be able to sing a song that the Holy Angels cannot sing, “I have been redeemed.” The pleasure of having eternal life is more than one can imagine.

No one is worthy, in his own right, of spending eternity with God because sin is included in every human birth. However, the debt for everyone’s sin has been paid by the death of God’s holy Son, Jesus Christ.  God so loved us that He let His dear Son die for us. Every one of us ultimately deserves eternal damnation, but God’s infinite love made it possible for us to escape eternal separation from Him. Everyone must ask himself the question, “Where will I spend eternity?”  We make many choices in this life, but in terms of eternity, there is only one choice to be made. Which will be your choice, eternity with God or eternity without God?

Do not be deceived, everyone who dies will not spend eternity with God. If a person does not live the life required by God while in his/her physical body, that soul will not go to Heaven. Sin and all ungodliness pay large negative dividends that include suffering, agonizing affliction and an eternal home in Hell that burns with fire and brimstone. Every soul has a destination, but Heaven is not the destination for every soul.