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Respect for God

Respect for God, His Word and the House of Worship

But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou are to behave thyself in the house of God 

(1 Timothy 3.15)

God and His House of Worship are to be respected to the highest degree.  Men should have the highest regard and respect for God simply because He reigns Supreme and He rules the universe. Proper respect is shown to God when we hold Him in high regard, showing Him high esteem, gratitude, and honor.  It is vital that God, His Word, and His House of worship be highly respected. 

In the Bible we learn how respect is implemented by God Himself. The Bible is so absolute and Holy that “God has placed it above His name” (Psalm 138:2). Since God placed His Word above His name, to disrespect it is tantamount to rejecting and disrespecting Him. He provided the Holy Bible for us to give us direction on how we are to live concerning Himself and towards mankind. The Word of God, therefore, is not to be doubted.  It must be valued and trusted.

God’s House of Worship, as defined by Miriam Webster is, “a house consecrated to the worship of God; a place where divine service is highlighted and preformed.” God’s house is a sacred place, set aside for us to meet with Him and to experience His presence. The specific meeting place within the House of Worship, called the sanctuary, is the place where God’s Spirit dwells and the direct instructions are administered to the believers. The House of Worship should not be seen simply as a site for social gathering, such as a party or afternoon tea. But rather, individuals should gather with their hearts, minds, and souls elevated and submitted to the authority of God.  They should be ready to receive from God and offer gratitude for everything that takes place during the service. We should keep our feet in the house of God and be ready to hear and receive from God, (Ecclesiastes 5:1). When one enters the sanctuary their mind and thoughts should be aware that God is present. In fact, God is never absent, no matter where we may find ourselves, because He is omnipresent.  Although He is everywhere, however, the sanctuary is a dedicated place where He meets with His people. 

Moses met with God before a burning bush. Although there was no church, God’s Presence was there, which made the ground where Moses stood holy.   Moses was required to remove his shoes as he stood on holy ground.  In the same way, we should show honor and respect when we enter God’s House because it is a place known to be dedicated to God’s Presence. 

Jesus whipped the money changers out of the House of Worship because of their disregard and disrespect. They transformed the House of Worship into a financial institution and a “den of thieves” (Matthew 21:12). Instead of going to the House of Worship to worship and praise God, they entered it with a mind and heart of carnality, and to buy and sell goods for their own profit. Such behavior is not acceptable in God’s House. It is not a place for empty show and selfish gain.

  The Holy Temple that God allowed Solomon to build in Jerusalem is a great example of an appropriate edifice for the worship of God. That Holy Temple was a sacred place, meant only for the worship of God. There was no idol worship within those walls. It was a place where vows were made, and the renewing of agreements and covenants performed. The Temple was so Holy and highly reverenced that if the people were away from the Temple and had a need, they could look toward it and receive what they needed from God. 

Not only should the House of Worship be highly respected, but the leader of the congregation should also be highly respected. This is so because a true leader is chosen by God.  The leader is to seek God for direction on how to skillfully lead God’s people, and how to use wisdom and knowledge in administering the Word of God. 

The respect that is mandated for God’s House requires that we take on the mind of Christ, always following and practicing His commandments. Our lives should exemplify reverence, admiration, and honor at the highest level for the God we serve.  

Prayer is Key: Dear Lord, I thank You for providing me with a place of worship. I ask You to help me to receive what I have need of for my spiritual life. I ask that You give me a greater mind to honor and respect You and Your House.  I ask that You keep me with this mind and heart to always live with respect and honor for You. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.