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Pastors After God’s Heart

“I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” (Jeremiah 3:15).

Every organization has a leader who assumes responsibility for the entire concern and spearheads it from the least to the most significant issues.  In a church organization, this responsibility is borne by the pastor, whom Merriam-Webster defines as a spiritual overseer or clergy person.  When called, anointed, and positioned by God, this leading light possesses the knowledge and skill to strengthen and build the church successfully.  The spiritual charge and devout obligations rest upon their shoulders.   

The church exists so that individuals may come to know and learn about God. Leaders of the church must be qualified and have the ability to lead. There are many pastors, but all are not ministers after God’s heart. A pastor chosen by Almighty God is “sold out” to His service. Such a leader must have a divine experience with Him.  He must not be connected to worldly pleasures. In addition, God’s elect is free from self-interests and can take on the complexities and simplicities of the entire congregation. His desire must be the promotion and advancement of the Kingdom of God. He must be skillful in instructing the congregation on God’s principles. His aspirational philosophy must reveal how to utilize spiritual techniques to defeat the soul’s enemy. The burden upon him must be to nurture new followers and support veteran disciples alike.  These are in addition to taking care of multiple other vital affairs. 

While serving as a pastor, God’s shepherds should demonstrate picture-perfect images of care, courage, and guidance with eagerness. The blueprint for an authentic pastor comes in large packages enriched with cargo that only God’s elect can transport. The package comes with various occurrences requiring commitment, responsibilities, and inconveniences. 

Numerous unforeseen realities arise with pastoral leadership. Although the congregation may perceive the external performances, it is the pastor who experiences the internal and stressful weights that accompany this sacred call. Ongoing preparation is fashioned behind closed doors so the role may be presented effectively to the congregation. 

Genuine leaders are drawn by the call of God to lead. Apostle Paul served with excellence when he was drawn to the leadership office. He was a perfect example of a leader after God’s heart. Although he suffered countless negative situations, including a thorn in the flesh, he preached the gospel to countless individuals in numerous cities. Almighty God provided sufficient grace for him to meet the challenges he encountered. (2 Corinthians 12:9). He was neither afraid to preach the truth nor to suffer persecution. He was fully committed, dedicated, and devoted to the charge of God. He endured many afflictions but was persistent, being transparent and declaring everything he had to give as a minister of God. He was beaten five times with thirty-nine stripes; three times, he was beaten with rods. He was stoned, suffered shipwreck three times, and suffered many other difficulties and perils (2 Corinthians 11:25-27). However, he endured them all because of his absolute loyalty to God. The grace of God endows a pastor with the strength to keep advancing. 

Moses also was a leader after God’s heart. He is one of the most outstanding leaders ever known. God captured his attention using a burning bush that would not consume. This unusual sight got Moses’ thorough attention. He was summoned to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt, a land of grief and regret, to a Promised Land. There were many complications during his time of leadership, but he completed the task because he had God’s validation.

Pastors after God’s heart are proven and should never be taken lightly. Unfairly, they are often criticized and misjudged for the slightest thing. But, when these encounters occur, pastors must remember their calling and maintain the best character because they must bring glory to God’s name and not shame. 

Pastors, we encourage you to utilize prayer instead of criticism or rebuttal when you are challenged.  Prayer will strengthen you, and it will make the heavy load of a leader much lighter. A pastor after God’s heart leads by God’s command, and you deserve to be highly respected.

Prayer is Key: Dear Lord, I ask that You help me to be a help to my leaders and not a hindrance. I ask that You help me to have a clearer understanding of their roles and responsibilities and utilize a life of prayer to help make them a tremendous success. Help me to pray instead of criticizing.  I pray that all church members share the same sentiments in making the load lighter for pastors after Your heart. In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.