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Parents, Forgive Your Children

A Devotional based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son

(Read Luke 15: 11-32) 

            When a child is first born he is most often welcomed into love, joy and excitement.  But, as time progresses and in spite of all that the parents may do, sometimes that child proves to be a disappointment.  He or she may get into trouble with the Law and wind up in jail or prison;  get pregnant out of wedlock, get into drugs or alcohol; or become rebellious and do unthinkable things like curse the parents out.  What heartbreak this can be for godly parents.  What fear and pain for the child’s future this negative behavior can bring to their hearts.  But be encouraged parents and trust God to change the situation. 

            The story of the Prodigal Son should be a great encouragement to all godly parents with wayward children.  I dare say that the Father of the young man in our story prayed daily for his son.  And one day he looked down the road and saw his precious son return to him.  For this godly father forgiving his child was easy to do.  It didn’t matter if the young man smelled or looked bad.  This father took no thought about what the neighbors might say.  He immediately acted as though the child had not broken his heart and he restored him to right standing with the family. 

           When God answers our prayers and returns a repentant child to us it is so important to forgive them.  Welcome the child back into the family circle and love him, even with all of the scars, bruises and pain that life has dealt him.  This should not be a hard thing to do when you reflect on how God welcomed you back to His bosom.  He forgave you, wiped your tears away and treated you as though your sins had never happened.  Your child will need your strength to get back on his/her feet again after messing up.  Forgive them, love them and help them to the best of your ability.

 Prayer:  Father, although my child has broken my heart in the past, help me to forgive him and love him in the way that You forgave me.  Thank you for answering my prayer for his restoration to the family and to you.  Amen.