Music is an integral component of the worship service. It ushers in and welcomes the presence of God. The musicians and choirs are vessels of praise that gives honor and glory to God.


As a church for all people, we have a choir for virtually all ages. Our current choirs include:

  • Children’s Chorus (ages 6-12)
  • Youth Congress Choir (ages 13-28)
  • Voices of Deliverance
  • Evangelistic Chorale
  • The Inspirational Choir
  • Temple Choir
  • Women of Zion
  • Men of Standard

All of these, along with our FGHT, Inc. Fellowship choirs, combine to form the Founder’s Mass Choir.


This aspect of the Music Department is vital to each service. Its instrumental accompaniment is heard as the choir sings praises to the Lord and all throughout the worship service. The members totally surrender all their energy to God, giving Him all the glory while letting God use them to keep the service flowing while exalting his presence with the musical instruments. Together, with the choirs, the FGHT band makes for an exhilarating, refreshing, and joyful worship service.