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FGHT offers multiple ways for you to easily connect with fellow believers, deepen your understanding of God’s Word, and employ your spiritual talents to benefit the Christian community.

Our outreach efforts focus on delivering support, comfort, and faith across communities, embodying compassion and making a significant impact on those in need, from the youth to the elderly.

Helping Hand Outreach Ministry

This ministry reaches out to families and persons who may be experiencing a financial hardship. Founded by Evangelist Shirley Murray, this ministry is a help to those in need. Clothing, food, toys, and furniture are items free-of-charge. Items are available regardless of race, gender, or religion. The Helping Hand ministry also offers job placement assistance and housing assistance. This is in accordance with the adage, “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish, and he will eat for life.” The Helping Hand Outreach Ministry is available 365 days a year.

If you, or someone you know, need assistance, or if you have items you would like to donate, please contact us at 972-572-3448.


Nursing Home Ministry/Hospital/Elderly Assistance

This ministry was designed to encourage the souls of the physically challenged saints who are unable to attend the house of God. Church service is conducted in several nursing homes and convalescent homes throughout the city of Dallas. We offer encouragement and company, as well as the unadulterated Word.

Meals on Wheels & Elderly Assistance

This ministry is responsible for preparing and delivering hot, fresh meals to the sick and shut-in within the Metroplex.

Soul Harvest International Evangelistic Association

This ministry is designed to draw masses of people to Christ and to permanently instill in the the Word of God. Inspiration, education, and encouragement are just some of the major qualities in this Ministry. Soul Harvest is comprised of young people (or, people young at heart) with a desire to spread the gospel.

Street Service Team

“Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them…” Luke 14:23. Acknowledging the reality that some cannot, or will not come to a church building, the Street Service Team literally takes the gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets armed with the breastplate of righteousness, the Word of God, and the shield of faith. This ministry ‘reaches out’ to the lost through direct, interpersonal contact.

Vineyard Workers

“The harvest is plenteous…” Matthew 9:37. In accordance with the scripture, everybody can do something. This is the perfect ministry for willing workers who desire to spread the gospel “without saying a word.” This ministry spreads God’s Word by passing out tracts and other written materials throughout the community.

Juvenile Detention Ministry

Juvenile outreach is very rewarding because of the fact that participants are able to see the positive impact that this ministry has on the youth. This ministry strives to show young people a better way of life after traveling a destructive path. The opportunity to change their lives is presented by sharing testimonies and spreading the good news about Jesus Christ. Many young people in the Youth Village and Letot Juvenile facilities, for example, have given their lives to Christ as a result of the example of true holiness that was presented to them by our outreach ministers.


This committee is responsible for giving our visitors their first positive impression of Full Gospel Holy Temple and members a warm welcome back to the sanctuary. This is a very important job. A warm smile and friendly greeting attributes to the anticipation of a wonderful experience at FGHT. the ushers are also ready and available to assist in giving direction or information to our guests.

Usher Board

“I’d rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God…” An usher holds an important position in the church. Thousands of people visit the Full Gospel Holy Temple Church; thus, it is imperative that they are seated in the proper manner: friendly and courteously. Ushers are well organized and efficiently trained during usher board meetings on correct manner and deportment of an ideal usher. As a result of the warm hospitality displayed by members of the Usher Board, we’ve heard numerous testimonies of people who were pricked in their hearts by the smiling reception they received. The Usher Board welcomes willing workers of all ages, whether young or young at heart to be a part of its ministry.

Benevolence/Comfort Ministry

This ministry is dedicated to the task of lessening the sorrow of bereaved families. In times of grief and despair, the presence of our Benevolence/Comfort Committee workers mean more than words can ever be expressed. These special members minister through home visits, telephone calls, food preparation, assistance, and prayer.

Craft Committee

This creative committee is composed of a group of people who like to create beautiful things such as: gift baskets, fruit baskets, arts and crafts, baked goods, etc. for all occasions. This committee is ideal for the left-brained, creative person who loves the beauty of art and who works well with their hands. Sometimes little things can make a world of difference.

Bus Ministry

Busing the people to church through dedicated drivers who have sacrificed their time and energy, and a portion of their family life, for the benefit of those desiring to attend worship is what the Bus Ministry is all about. Several routes bring people from just about every section of the Dallas area to the World Headquarters for scheduled services.

The Nurse’s Guild

Comprised of healthcare professionals, this organization is present to provide aid to those who may become ill or in need of medical assistance during our worship services or scheduled events.

FGHT Brotherhood

This christian fellowship was designed to strengthen the bond between our male members in the spirit of true brotherhood. The brotherhood auxiliary often get together for fishing trips, skating trips, basketball outings, etc. They meet monthly and gain a tremendous amount of advice about life such as: family issues, finance, and spiritual guidance from the pastor.

Elite Force

The Elite Force is comprised of professional and loyal brotherhood members, charged with the duty of security and service to the ministry, members and visiting friends of the church. We are indeed living in the last and evil days; thus, the elite force keeps a watchful eye on the premises so that worshippers may praise the Lord without pain of worrying about what’s going on outside.

We believe that the young people are the church of today. Because of this conviction, we offer a variety of ministries designed to enrich, enhance, train and guide our youth and young adults to become ambassadors for Christ today and uncompromising leaders of generations to come.

Children’s Church

Held during Tuesday worship service, children (ages 6-12) conduct their own service and are given the opportunity to worship God through testimony, song, and of course, the Holy Word of God. It offers one the awesome opportunity to see a worship service through the eyes of babes.

Junior Brotherhood

This auxiliary offers our young men the opportunity for spiritual guidance and growth. With each meeting, young men are shown, by example, the importance of fellowship and Godly living. They are given the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons from the more experienced while enjoying recreational activities and community projects.

Angels of Joy

Elegance is essential in the life of a lady. This auxiliary is designed to encourage young ladies to live for God, to strive for excellence, and to be the young lady that God has called her to be. Each meeting offers an opportunity to gain life and social skills and the development of cultural understanding. The open talk sessions allow young ladies to discuss real-life issues with trusted adults while having fun and clean fellowship.

FGHT Sisterhood

The FGHT Sisterhood is a vibrant ministry dedicated to the women of Full Gospel Holy Temple. Our sisterhood is a safe and nurturing space where women from all walks of life come together to bond, grow, and uplift one another through quarterly sessions, mixers, and gatherings. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, a teen, or widowed, our sessions offer encouragement, support, and wisdom based on the Word of God. Join us as we navigate life’s journeys together, building strong, God-centered connections within our community of faith.

Music is an integral component of the worship service. It ushers in and welcomes the presence of God. The musicians and choirs are vessels of praise that gives honor and glory to God.


As a church for all people, we have a choir for virtually all ages. Our current choirs include:

  • Children’s Chorus (ages 6-12)
  • Youth Congress Choir (ages 13-28)
  • Voices of Deliverance
  • Evangelistic Chorale
  • The Inspirational Choir
  • Temple Choir
  • Women of Zion
  • Men of Standard

All of these, along with our FGHT, Inc. Fellowship choirs, combine to form the Founder’s Mass Choir.


This aspect of the Music Department is vital to each service. Its instrumental accompaniment is heard as the choir sings praises to the Lord and all throughout the worship service. The members totally surrender all their energy to God, giving Him all the glory while letting God use them to keep the service flowing while exalting his presence with the musical instruments. Together, with the choirs, the FGHT band makes for an exhilarating, refreshing, and joyful worship service.

Audio/Video Ministry

This ministry offers the opportunity to become camera operators, cable pullers, and video & sound technicians. Being a part of the action and capturing live awesome footage is rewarding all by itself.

Design Team

This ministry is responsible for designing and printing materials for different church conferences and events.