This committee is responsible for giving our visitors their first positive impression of Full Gospel Holy Temple and members a warm welcome back to the sanctuary. This is a very important job. A warm smile and friendly greeting attributes to the anticipation of a wonderful experience at FGHT. the ushers are also ready and available to assist in giving direction or information to our guests.

Usher Board

“I’d rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God…” An usher holds an important position in the church. Thousands of people visit the Full Gospel Holy Temple Church; thus, it is imperative that they are seated in the proper manner: friendly and courteously. Ushers are well organized and efficiently trained during usher board meetings on correct manner and deportment of an ideal usher. As a result of the warm hospitality displayed by members of the Usher Board, we’ve heard numerous testimonies of people who were pricked in their hearts by the smiling reception they received. The Usher Board welcomes willing workers of all ages, whether young or young at heart to be a part of its ministry.

Benevolence/Comfort Ministry

This ministry is dedicated to the task of lessening the sorrow of bereaved families. In times of grief and despair, the presence of our Benevolence/Comfort Committee workers mean more than words can ever be expressed. These special members minister through home visits, telephone calls, food preparation, assistance, and prayer.

Craft Committee

This creative committee is composed of a group of people who like to create beautiful things such as: gift baskets, fruit baskets, arts and crafts, baked goods, etc. for all occasions. This committee is ideal for the left-brained, creative person who loves the beauty of art and who works well with their hands. Sometimes little things can make a world of difference.

Bus Ministry

Busing the people to church through dedicated drivers who have sacrificed their time and energy, and a portion of their family life, for the benefit of those desiring to attend worship is what the Bus Ministry is all about. Several routes bring people from just about every section of the Dallas area to the World Headquarters for scheduled services.

The Nurse’s Guild

Comprised of healthcare professionals, this organization is present to provide aid to those who may become ill or in need of medical assistance during our worship services or scheduled events.