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God’s Perfect and His Permissive Will

Roman 12:2 – And be not conform to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Have you evaluated your relationship with God lately?  Are you confident that you are living within His perfect rather than His permissive will?  If not, it is past time to think about it. His perfect will is superior to His permissive will. God’s perfect will is what He requires, and His permissive will is what He allows. Perfect is defined as being complete and without fault, satisfying all requirements. Permissive is defined as being tolerant or allowing something to exist. God holds the greatest love for all people. His plan for humankind is to shadow Him, embracing His perfect will. People’s thoughts and actions change every day, but God does not change. He said, “I’m God and I change not” (Malachi 3:6). His unending requirements for us remain forever. 

It is essential to develop and maintain a stable relationship with God because it motivates lifelong endeavors to fulfill His perfect will.  Should you find yourself conforming to the things of this world, be transformed and renew your standing with God (Roman 12:2).

Refusing to live a life of Holiness does not immediately cause one to die, necessarily. Man may and does often continue to live for a time.  However, if he is living in the Lord’s permissive will, that lifestyle will eventually lead to death.  Only God’s perfect will is the thoroughfare to Heaven.

There are many things this world has to offer that are acceptable to countless people. One can become involved in either good deeds or things that are not good. The world is filled with choices. Everyone has a given right to choose what they want to become or the things that they want to participate in, but one’s decisions should be spiritually acceptable. We should ensure that the choices that we make are not made just to fit in with the in-crowd. Social rejection is not a challenge when you stand firm and make your own choices. Not conforming to the ideas and thoughts of others releases freedom within you to be your own person. Independence is always the best practice because it provides strength, self-determination, and courage. It is essential to appreciate who you are and think wisely for yourself. Only God knows you better than you.

It is offensive to our Creator to label ourselves as Christians, declaring we are living in God’s perfect will when our lives are exhibiting the very opposite. Jehoshaphat and Balaam entered a dangerous zone when they chose God’s permissive will, even after being warned. God cautioned them, but He did not stop them from proceeding. Although they operated outside of God’s perfect will, He was merciful unto them, allowing them space for repentance. Just because God does not intervene in a situation and prevent it from happening, it does not mean that He sanctions it. In our own lives, we are often warned against conforming to the things of this world, and against making detrimental choices. We must strive to keep our minds and spirits focused on living within God’s perfect will. God will not accept anything less than the life He has prescribed for His people.  That is His perfect will.     

Prayer is Key:  Dear Lord, help me understand what your will is for me.  Help me to only take part in those things that are pleasing to You. I pray that You help me to live the life You require and let it be acceptable unto You. Help my thoughts and attitude to remain elevated to the ultimate desires that You have for me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.