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God, The Holy Spirit

I heard two preachers talking one day, and I found their conversation to be interesting.
The two men were discussing the Trinity as it relates to God, and one man said to the other
“I don’t believe in the Trinity because it’s not in the Bible.” The other man looked at his
counterpart, and said “Well, Bible isn’t in the Bible, and that’s why we can’t fellowship.”

Of course, I’m laughing on the inside when I heard this because like the second man, I
was thinking how ridiculous for someone to say I don’t believe in the Trinity because it’s
not in the Bible. It’s just a man-made word in order for us to try to begin to wrap our minds
around the awesome essence of our great God, as is the title “The Bible” or The Book. Believing
in the term the Trinity is not essential into you repenting and being born again, but it is
essential in your understanding of God the Almighty being.

I’ve discuss the God the Father, and God the Son, already. The last person, but definitely,
not the least of the God-head is the Holy Spirit. The personage of the Holy Spirit is probably
hardest for Christians, but especially people who aren’t born again, to understand because they
don’t believe or think of the Holy Spirit as a person. However, the Holy Spirit has his own
part to play in the cabinet of the God-head administration.

Jesus the Christ told his disciples that the Holy Spirit was going to come to lead us into
all truths. It was going to be a comfort and a guide. The Holy Spirit is God’s spirit, in the
earth, bringing men and women under conviction, and helping men and women to live holy lives.
The Holy Spirit speaks, and if we are sensitive to the spirit we would hear him. The Holy
Spirit bears witness to those things in heaven, and that of the Father. The Holy Spirit does not
contradict the Bible, Jesus Christ, God the Father, or absolute truths. The Holy Spirit confirms
the truths that Christ speaks of, and the Holy Spirit is the only thing in the earth that knows
its way back to heaven.

With this understanding, I would ask the church world to reexamine what they call the Holy
Spirit because it seems things that are wrapped in foolishness are blamed on God. The Holy Spirit
doesn’t get on people like dust, and make people behave irrationally. The Holy Spirit doesn’t help
sinners get away with evil until they feel like coming to God; if they ever do. The Holy Spirit
doesn’t make people talk in gibberish and baby-talk, and give false prophecies according to man’s
own workings.

If you want to know if you have the Spirit then I challenge you to look at your own fruits;
for Galatians 5:22-23 says that the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness,
goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. When the Spirit is working in
you and through you, then these things come forth.

Oh, how wonderful it would be if people really let the Spirit use them. Not to shout or speak
in tongues, or try to prophecy, but to live a life pleasing unto God. The Spirit wants to conform us
to the image of Jesus Christ. I know people want to be individuals and unique, but God is looking
for us to look like, act like, and be like Jesus Christ who is the first risen of the resurrection,
and who is the only begotten of the Father.

We really need to understand that the Holy Spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit is a
very important matter in the mind of God; so much so that Jesus Christ said you can talk about him
and blaspheme his name; you could blaspheme God the Father, but if anyone blasphemes against the
Holy Spirit there is no forgiveness of that sin. That is a point to be noted.

God is trying to help us in every way to make it into the kingdom, but the one thing he’s not
going to do is make people go to heaven, but He has given us the power to do so; whosoever will, can
receive power from God to live a holy life, and to see God’s face in peace in that great day of