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God, the Father

Very carefully do I write this to you; for I struggle
with what I want to say. I pre-suppose a subtle
hermeneutics upon you, but then I have a high level of
expectation upon the modern day Christian to know exactly
what I’m talking about. I give no new interpretation of
scripture, or some other interpretation of it, but with
great humility I’m impressed upon to try, earnestly, to
speak about my God. Not according to my experience, only,
but through the revelation that He gives us all through His

I, also, want to premise my words with, be very careful when
men speak things of God that God has not spoken of himself.
God gives no new interpretation of himself as stated in
2.Peter 1:20-21 “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the
scripture is of any private interpretation.” Also, knowing
that there can be no other gospel (Gal. 1:7-9), God only
reveals himself through his word, which is Jesus Christ,
and the holy scriptures.

God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all. There
is no secret compartment of evil that he has to hold back,
and keep suppressed. God is all-good, and all-kind. God
is love. He doesn’t just love. He, fully, is the expression
and acceptance of love, and if he didn’t exist neither would
the emotion or the interpretation of love exist.

God is all powerful; all knowing, all seeing, and in all places
at all times. He is not perfection as you can imagine it, but
he is perfectly perfect on every possible level of perfection.
God the father is not more in one characteristic that in another,
but is equally everything at all times to all of his creation;

You cannot know God, except he reveals himself to you, and
even then you must humble yourself to the fact that as you
strain to comprehend his very existence you fall, infinitely,
short of understanding the grandeur of this being that has
formed you in your mother’s womb, but called you before you
were a twinkle in your father’s eye. His thoughts are higher
than our thoughts, and his ways so much higher than our ways.
We have not adequate words or actions to give God the glory
he deserves.

Movie stars, athletes, dignitaries, and rulers have a form of
glory. Their notoriety is known among a great many, but not
all. Some people’s fame and deeds span through time, and
could be called lasting, but none matches God the father. The
very universe screams “Hallelujah!” in his presence, and the
rocks wait to cry out if man fails to give God the praise.

The earth shakes and reels at the voice of God, and the demons
tremble in their corners of the spirit realm, waiting on the
day of judgment. Non are so frightened as the wicked and
workers of iniquity, as they try to distinguish the flame of the
Omnipotent One, who reigns forever. Who can stand before him,
and who can run from him?

God is a terror and horror to the rebellious because he will not
let them escape the destructive path they choose to pursue. God
is the righteous judge, and executor of righteousness. He will
judge according to his righteousness for he cannot deny himself.

Yet, in all of these things God is still our heavenly Father. For
those who have chosen to trust in his messiah, Jesus Christ, God is
a shield and a buckler. He is a strong tower for us to run to, and
be saved. God is a counselor, and a corrector. God wants to keep
all of those who want to be kept, and he wants to provide for those
who choose to trust in him.

God is the provider and the master planner. From the very foundations
of the earth he has made a way to escape the coming destruction of
the wrath that is to come because of wickedness. It is his will to
give his children the kingdom, and he is the architect of a family
reunion that will be so wonderful that “eyes hath not seen, nor ear
heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which
God hath prepared for them that love him.”

With this confidence of who He is, then how do so many people fail
to have faith in this awesome being? I cannot answer. Too many
choices to rely on self versus the author and finisher of our souls,
perhaps. But this you can be sure in, God is not slack concerning
his promise as some men count slackness. God bares long with us
because he cares; not because he’s neglectful. He doesn’t wish any
of us to perish.

Did I mention that God is all caring? Maybe that’s the hardest part
about God to understand. Since most humans don’t really care, maybe
we believe God doesn’t care. My brother, my sister, please take away
from this that God cares about you. Your very faith depends on you
knowing that God cares for you. Don’t let man fool you into believing
in a false god, or a human thinking god, or a god of the ATM machine,
or a god of houses and cars, or even jobs. I promise you could get
those things without believing in God. But the God I speak of, as
revealed to us all in his Word is a God of salvation and saving.

God so loves the world, not foolishly, like a teenager, but as a wise
and intelligent parent. His thoughts are thoughts of good, and not of
evil, and they are to bring us to an expected in. This is why you
should simply trust him.

I promise you, that you don’t understand what’s best for you and those
around you, but God is working things out so that all things work
together for the good of all of us that love him. That’s crazy!
Not just for your good, but for all of us. Now, what dad do you know
that can give all of his kids everything that’s equally right for each
child? No earthly dad can. Thank God for God.

He IS the good Father.