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God Can Heal You!

healingSome, who are seeking for healing, fail to receive it because they tend to believe what their five senses tell them; instead of believing the Word of God. We should realize that our five senses belong to the natural man and that they were given to us to be used for the things of this world.

The things of God cannot be discerned and known by the natural senses. No kind of physical sensation (such as pain, weakness, or sickness) can ever be a good reason for doubting the fulfillment of any divine promise of God.

How foolish it would be for us to doubt the promise of Christ’s second coming because we felt sick, or weak, or had a pain. So if a pain is not a good reason for doubting one promise, it’s not a good reason for doubting ANY promise. God is just as faithful to one promise as to another.

It is equally foolish to doubt God’s promise to heal because of pain, or any disagreeable feeling, as it is to question Christ’s second coming because of these things. The grounds upon which we claim the forgiveness of sins is the fact that Christ bore “our sins in his own body on the tree…” (1 Peter 2:24). Therefore, it is exactly the same way, and on the same grounds, that we are to appropriate physical healing from the Great Physician. The healing of both our soul and body is based on the unchangeable truth of Christ’s finished work – not on our feelings.

Faith is saying and believing what God says, and acting accordingly. When we steadfastly believe and act our faith – in God’s Word – nothing can keep the power, in the Word, from making all things to become exactly as the Word says. All we have to do is firmly believe what the Word says and resolutely refuse to see, believe, or think of the things that contradict the Word.

We are to take sides with God and believe that all we need for spirit, soul and body is already ours.

God warns us, in the case of Apostle Peter’s account when he was walking on the water, to never look at our circumstances and feelings. The waves were just as high when Peter walked perfectly as when he sank. However, when he walked, not paying any attention to the waves, they could not hinder him.

Here, God teaches us that if we are occupied with looking and feeling, instead of with Him and His Word, we will lose all He offers us. On the other hand, by steadfastly refusing to see anything but God, and what He says, we shall have, and keep, everything that He says He has given us.

Jesus gave Peter power to walk on the water, but the devil took it from him by getting him to fix his attention on the wind (representing things we feel) and on the waves (representing the things we see). Peter had the power, and used it, but lost it by doubting.

How many of us lose the manifestation of healing, already in operation, by turning our attention from Christ and the Word of God to our feelings?

If you are ready to take the step of faith for your supernatural healing, you must:

  1. Get this matter fully settled in your heart: that after taking the step, you are going to see nothing but God, and what He says. From this moment forward, doubt should be regarded as out of the question and out of reason, because the evidence upon which you have planted your feet is the Word of God.

To watch your feelings, or symptoms, would be like a farmer digging up his seed to see if they are growing. Any farmer knows that doing this would kill the plant at the root. When the farmer gets his seeds into the ground, he believes that the seeds have begun their work even before he sees them grow.

You need to exercise the same faith in the Imperishable Seed, which is the Word of God. Believe that it is already doing its work without waiting to see it.

  1. Cease to be anxious about the condition because you have committed it to the Lord. He has taken the responsibility of your healing. Your job is to be happy and restful in the matter; knowing, from His own Word, that He takes the responsibility of every case committed to Him.
  2. By faith, lose sight of the body and its sensations, and put into view only the Lord and His promises.

Be occupied with God, for it is better to be in communication with Him and rejoicing in His faithfulness, than to be occupied with a sick body. The Holy Spirit is always ready to execute for us the fulfillment of any promise God has given us.

  1. Remember that God never moves out of His turn. He always moves when it is His turn.

When Noah was “warned of God of things not seen as yet” (Hebrews 11:7), his move was to believe that the flood was coming and to act his faith by building the ark (on dry ground).

So, when God says to you “The prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up” (James 5:15), you, like Noah, are informed of “things not seen, as yet,” and your move is the same as Noah’s was – to believe and act accordingly.

Faith is governed by the pure Word of God, and is nothing less than expecting God to do what He promises – treating Him like an honest being.

All you need is to know that God has spoken. “Thus saith the Lord” settles everything. “It is written” is all that faith needs. Once you learn how to believe that God hears us when we pray, the same prayer of faith can be repeated thousands of times for ourselves and others. So when doubt comes (concerning your healing – along with other things), be sure to concentrate on God’s Word. Now go get your healing!