Soul Harvest College Ethics Summit

Just as the US military prepares its soldiers for war on all enemies, foreign and domestic, so must the children of God prepare. Believe it or not, the enemy wants to take control of the heart and convictions of the young believer, even in school. How can you fight and still excel academically? Come to this summit to get the strategies you need to win. This event is open to college students across the metroplex. Come to learn how to navigate through college life according to God’s Word.


This event will be broken up into four sessions. Like college, you’ll be able to choose a course for the first two sessions and then after lunch there will be two general sessions. We want everyone to leave the summit fully equipped and prepared for battle.


  • How to Pray in College
  • Letting Your Light Shine on Campus
  • Maintaining Your Salvation

Special Session

We’ll pause and hear from representatives about Study Abroad programs and everyone’s favorite topic: Financial Aid.

General Session

Overcoming Ideological Dilemmas in Higher Education


Come represent in your favorite college gear! This is a casual event, but it will be held at the church, so we ask everyone to be respectful.


It’s on us! It won’t be a buffet, but you’ll be fed. If you come early enough, we may even have some doughnuts and coffee waiting…

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