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FGHT Devotions - Choose the Path of Holiness in 2019

Choose the Path of Holiness in 2019

The brand-new year of 2019
Are you wondering just how it will be?
It must be a year of yielding to God
For God says: “Yield your Will to Me.

When you think, ‘Yes’ about any matter
And then you hear Me say, ‘No’ to you,
You must hear My Voice and obey My Will
Only that are you to do.”

The will of man is very strong
God knows because God made us you see
But in this New Year, His Will must prevail
His Will preeminent must be.

“When Jesus was sent to earth to die
for the sins of all mankind
He knew that His human will had to die
And He yielded His Will to Mine.

Jesus sought My face for My Perfect Will
Then His Will He quickly resigned.
In like manner, you too must yield
Your fleshly will to Mine.

The ENEMY seeks to destroy you
Tempting with steps that will lead you astray.
But I alone know what is best for your life
I know your best and Holy Way.

Challenges will come in 2019
Displaying several wrong paths for you
But to follow any other path but Mine
Is a mistake and this you Must Not Do.

2019 will be a year of testing
and considering who you will obey.
Whether friends? the devil? your own will?
No! Choose obedience to only what I say!

Will you move in anger or frustration?
Because things are not going your way?
Will you assert that you’re right, but make the wrong choice?
Oh, how dearly you will pay.

But if you will stay the course that I have charted
If you will follow the path that I have set.
If you will move forward only in Me
Then 2019 will be your best year yet.”